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Been busy the last several months.  Moved from Denver back to Portland, OR (my home town).  Took a much needed vacation.  Did a little tour in Central Texas and visited old friends and fans and made some new ones.  Had an awesome tour in Norway and The Netherlands - will be going back there soon.  Been working on my next CD project of acoustic guitar oriented tunes.  Excited about that. Got a few shows coming up over the Summer and then things pick up again at the end of August.  See my "Dates" page for…

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Acoustic Guitar magazine review 

BIG NEWS!!!!  I just got my copy of Acoustic Guitar magazine and lo and behold there is a terrific review of my new CD Streets of Disaster.  Here are a couple of quotes, for the entire article check out the REVIEWS page on this site.

“Beckman has released a knockout of an album with lots of stylistic variety.  This is powerful stuff, beautifully performed and exquisitely produced.  Quite a find!”  - Blair Jackson, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Spring/Summer 2015 

Lots of cool stuff coming up.  My new CD Streets of Disaster, is out and doing extremely well.  

Rich Moore and I have gotten together and will be putting on a show at Swallow Hill, Tuft's Theater on May 29th. This is going to be a great one.  Rich is a fantastic guitar player and singer.  He works with his wife Mollie O'Brien touring everywhere.  

I'm returning to The Kerrville Folk Festival on May 31st for a set at The Kennedy Theater.  Very excitied about this one.  

Two tours with Tom Russell coming…

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Starting to gear up for Spring and Summer tours.  I'll be joining Tom Russell in March for shows in Canada and Norway and then going off for a solo tour of the UK/Ireland in April.  Then home for a smattering of shows here in Portland and then California and Atlanta with Tom.  Then back to Europe at the end of May for a 6 week solo tour. New album is coming along.   Should be out in June.  Stay tuned for tour dates and album release date......

New Videos 

Been working on a couple of new videos that will be out within the month.  Excited about this. 

Also spent the day in the studio adding a little salt and pepper to my my new CD, Born In Smoke, which will be out soon in the New Year.  

New CD - September 5, 2013 

Just off a nice tour through Colorado and New Mexico with Tom Russell.  Head back into the studio this weekend to continue work on my new CD Born in Smoke (working title).   Rhythm tracks are recorded and I am now doing the overdubs.  Exciting stuff.  CD will come out in early 2014.

Summer European Tour 

I'll be starting a two month European tour on June 5th.  The first week I'll spend playing guitar for one of Americas finest songwriters Tom Russell.  Then I'll be off on my own for 5 weeks doing solo shows in Sweden, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Austria.  Then I reconnect with Tom in Dublin on July 12 to finish out the tour in Ireland and the UK.  My last show is in London and I'll be doing a solo performance and sharing the evening with wonderful Tony Poole.  Check out my calendar.  

When The Sun Goes Down 

Danny Montgomery (drummer extraordinaire) and I just recorded a CD with 11 tunes.  Drums, guitar and vocal.  It sounds great!!!  It's a mixture of original Thad Beckman tunes and some old blues greats.  It's available now on CDBaby, Itunes and Amazon for downloading.  Hard copies will be available on May 15.  

Also, check out my calendar for upcoming tour dates.  Lots of cool stuff happening.  

Big European Tour 

Will be heading over the Oslo on May 7th to join up with Tom Russell for several dates in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Amsterdam.  Then on the 21st I'll be heading out on my own in England, Austria and Germany.

Check the calendar for the dates.

Roots on the Rails 

Very much looking forward to this train ride with the great Tom Russell, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Ramblin' Jack Elliot and Jon Langford.  It's gonna be a hoot.  It's sold out at the moment but check out just in case there is a cancellation.

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