In Memoriam

Celebration of and Tribute to Thad Beckman

Monday August, 21 2023

Multnomah Arts Center, Portland, OR

Thank you to all who were able to make it out for our tribute to and celebration of Thad.  It all turned out quite beautifully.  It was a great turnout of friends, family and fans.  I wish I’d been able to talk with every person there.  We all know that everyone who couldn’t be there was with us in spirit and in heart.

An amazing group of our friends worked with me on this ceremony for quite some time, including Thad’s fellow artists; others came out early and were crucial to the successful setup of the auditorium; many stayed late to help clean up.  The music was extraordinary; the slideshow was greatly appreciated and got very good reviews from those in attendance; the food and drink were amazing.  Those of us speaking were grateful for a loving, attentive and engaged audience.  

Nonprofit CD sales collected $360 for the Oregon Humane Society and $250 for the Oregon Food Bank.  Donations of those amounts will be made in the name of Thad Beckman.  

We raised over $600 that will, in a few weeks, be given toward the development of the Portland Chapter of Swan Songs.  This is a truly generous foundation that provides musical last rites for those with terminal illness or nearing the end of their life.  I will provide more information on this organization in the near future.

These nonprofit organizations, and others, meant something to Thad, they were important to him (and are to me).  It was a good thing for us to move more of Thad’s CDs, his music - the art to which he stayed perfectly true - out into the world and at the same time generate some funding for the crucial work of these nonprofit organizations.   I will be posting a longer list of nonprofits in the near future.

With love & gratitude,



GoFundMe for Thad Beckman in support of Susan Anderson - memorial service & expenses of longterm caregiving