Beckman Lyrics


The Land That I Love

Now it’s truck stop food and the waitress she’s pretty
I’ll be home by mornin’ if I keep ‘er steady
I’m goin’ back to the land that I love

I can see thread showing through my tire
My muffler’s she’s hangin’ by a wire
I’m goin’ back, to the land that I love

From east to the west the full moon rides
Across the sky she slowly glides
I wonder if my true loves eyes
Are gazing upon her
She’s the one I’m longing for
So far away on that western shore
We kissed goodbye then we kissed some more
The moon was arisin’

I’ve crossed this country back and forth
I been west to east, south to north
I’m goin’ back to the land that I love

Ya see I’m driven by some wild thing
It makes me moan it makes me sing
I’m goin’ back to the land that I love


Now it’s been awhile, maybe more
Since I last set foot on my baby’s door
I’m goin’ back to the land that I love.

I get so doggone lonesome babe
I get to feeling so far away
I’m goin’ back to the land that I love


Now the stars are out in force tonight
And the desert’s she’s bathed in pale moonlight
I’m goin’ back to the land that I love


Goin' Downtown Mama

I woke up this mornin’
The girl I loved was gone
She took all my money
Left me all alone

I’m goin’ downtown mama
I’m gonna find me another girl
I’m goin’ downtown mama
Gonna find me another girl

I heard she went to Texas
With a man she used to know
I heard that she’d been doin’ things
She gave up long ago


I’m starin’ at my coffee
I’m starin’ at my land
I’m starin’ at this cigarette
Burnin’ in my hand


Now, I hope that she is happy
And I hope you will agree
When I hope that someone does to her
What she has done to me



Outlaws in Texas

We were counting the gold
That we had just stolen
And planning our getaway
You to the east,
Me to the south
Agreeing it was better that way
But I could see the blood pulsing
In the vein in your neck
And the sweat as it poured down your brow
Then it all became clear
With your eyes burning bright
You were planning to take it all

 I knew you were greedy,
When you killed that young banker
Who was clutching a ten-dollar bill
And I knew you were heartless
When you shot that poor woman
Who was standing so perfectly still
And I knew you were ruthless
When you grabbed that little baby
And held him up in the air
So I took it for granted
That my life was worth nothing
And it filled me up with despair

You had visions of servants
Washing your feet
And feeding you grapes off the vine
You were eyeing that maiden
With the pretty gold necklace
As she filled up your goblet of wine
And the music was playing
The dancers were dancing
Everything just as you planned
Until I took out my knife
And ended your life
Felt your blood run warm down my hand

Well I barely escaped
And I crossed the river
Just ahead of the hounds
And I stood there breathing
And I fell to my knees
And I kissed that Mexican ground
Now just out of Juarez
On a big piece of land
I’m watching my family grow
And when I think back on you
I thank you for nothing
‘cept maybe your share of the gold


Death's Rattle

Well, I gave up the cigarettes the beer the cocaine the speed, the pot the meat and everything tasting sweet.
And still I hear death’s rattle and creak.
Louder and louder as the days do meet, as though being followed by some dark stranger down an ancient street, closer and closer with each hearts’ beat
Man Death’s got big feet.

I ain’t ever givin’ up women I just love ‘em too much.
I just can’t get enough of that lovin’ touch.
Even thought they always make a fuss.
And no matter what ya do it just ain’t never enough.
But I like my women and I like ‘em tough.
I like it when they start to playin’ rough.

Now Politicians ain’t nothing but a swinging door
They can lie lower than a two bit whore
They got the I’m gonna do ya like ya never been done before.  Leave ya standing in some cheap hotel with your pants to the floor, having just been done like you never been done before.
Yeah, a hundred dollars lighter and wondering what for.

Now life is a beautiful thing you see.
It’s something I hold very dear to me.
As long as I can live on as I please.
I got no real complaint you see.
I’m just a happy guy walking down the street.


On That Train and Gone

Townes Van Zaandt was here before me|
So was Woody and good old Hank
Ridin’ trains bound for glory
Dreamin’ songs about robbing banks.

Tomorrow I’ll be on that train and gone
Tomorrow I’ll be on that train and gone

The words alone don’t make it for me
I need to hear a melody
Play it soft and play it lazy
Come on baby come to me


Passed the houses and the stations
Passed the trees and mountains too
On my way to an Ancient City
Drinkin’ beer and whiskey too


I remember how her body
felt the day we said goodbye
She was young and she was tender
I was on my way to die


I opened up the window wide
Took a puff and blew my mind
Wishing I could change the tide
Wishing you were on my side



Sanson's Song

I was born with a curse
In the back of a hearse
Momma was screamin’ like hell

Daddy was drivin’
While I was arrivin’
Now this is the story I tell

I’m the oldest you see
And my daddy and me
Well, we work for the state of France

A position quite rare
Passed down through the years
But one that holds little romance

We used to do it by hand
‘Til this marvelous man
His name was Dr. Guillotine

He come up with a plan
That could behead a man
With just a blade and gravity

Now out there on the square
I walk up the stairs
I take my appointed spot

Right next to the lever
Sending you to forever
And your head goes ploppity plop, plop

Well, the first time I did it
I guess I passed out
And I fell down into the crowd

Yeah and when I awoke
My soul was broke
And the sky was fallin’ down

Now the laws of this land
They often change hands 
That ain’t none of my affair

Yeah the order comes down
And we cart ‘em through town
Then we march ‘em up the stairs

Now I killed a King
And I killed the queen
I killed old Robespierre

Yeah in front of a crowd
And the crowd was loud
And there was blood flyin’ everywhere

You hate me you need me
You hate that you need me
You’re glad when I do your will

Your hands stay clean
No, they’ll never see
Not an ounce of the blood that I spill

Well, I’d quit today
But nobody will pay
And I got me a family to feed

But don’t ya worry none
I got me a son
And he’ll do what you need

Now when it’s my time to go
It’s as quiet as snow
Not a prayer, not a flower, not a stone 

But I’ll be dead just the same
And be rid of this pain
That’s’ dogged my cursed soul

Yeah Sanson’s my name
And my claim to fame
I’m the Bourreau de Paris 

A position quite rare
Passed down through the years
Now that’s all I’ve got to say


Goin' to the Valley

I’m goin’ to the valley
Where my baby used to lay
Goin’ to the valley
Where my baby used to lay
Well I know she done wrong
I don’t care what they say

Goin’ on a mountain
Gonna holler at the snow
Goin’ on a mountain
Gonna holler at the snow
I’m gonna start me an avalanche
I don’t care where it goes

I’m goin’ to the desert
Where the eagle fights the snake
I’m goin’ to the desert
Where the eagle fights the snake
I’m goin’ across that border boys
I’ve had all that I can take


Oh Death


What is this that I can’t see
With icy hands taking hold on me
I am death none can excel
I open the doors to heaven or hell

Oh Death, Oh Death
Can’t ya spare me over ‘til another year

Oh death someone would pray
Couldn’t you call some other day
God’s children prayed, the preacher preached
Time and mercy are out of your reach

Well I’ll fix your feet so you can’t walk
Lock your jaw so you can’t talk
Close your eyes so you can’t see
This very hour come and go with me

Death I come to take the soul
Leave the body and leave it cold
Drop the flesh off of the frame
The earth and worms both have a claim 


Mother come to my bed
Place a cold towel upon my head
My head is warm my feet are cold
Death is movin’ upon my soul 

Oh death how you treatin’ me
Ya closed my eyes so I can’t see
Ya hurt my body ya make me cold
ya run my life right out of my soul 


Oh death please consider may age
Please don’t take me at this stage
My wealth is all at your command
If you’ll remove your icy hand 

The  old the young the rich  the poor
Are all alike with me you know
No wealth no land no silver no gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul 



Virginia Blues

I woke up this morning
I looked up at the sky
Black planes were coming
I could not tell you why 

I got the blues so bad
I don’t believe I can go on
I’m gonna put rocks in my pockets
I’m goin’ to sink just like a stone

Something I want to tell you baby
Before I go
If it wasn’t for your lovin’ babe
I’d a been gone long ago 


I heard the birds a singin’
Accusin’ me in Greek
I tried to state my case
But I could not even speak 


I watch the river runnin’
It’s runnin’ cold and free
I’m gonna slip into that blackness
I’m gonna give up bein’ me


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