Streets of Disaster

Thad Beckman

After listening to this new CD Tom Russell said: "One of America's best guitar players and a damn good songwriter."

Great Songs, great players, what's not to like.

"One of American's best guitar players and a damn good songwriter." Tom Russell

"Beckman plays an engaging blend of folk, singer-songwriter and blues music. Not everyone can pull off such a combination, but Beckman has chops, writing talent, a big personality and a bag full of true stories which all dovetail for a cool show.” Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News

"With commanding yet understated vocals as strong as his finger-style and slide guitar playing, Beckman crafts a quietly compelling set." 
Tom Hyslop - Blues Review

“A splendid player and a more than able vocalist -doing some of the smartest finger-picking you could wish for.”
Maurice Hope – The Northern Echo

“Thad Beckman, first class picker” – British Country Music Web Site

“If you have never heard Mr. Beckman play, you have really been missing out. Anyone in the audience could instantly recognize Mr. Beckman as a master of his craft.”
No Depression

“Thad Beckman goes a long way to assuage guitar thirst on the stunning “Guadalupe,” one of many that hold up with Russell’s best.”
Celine Keating, Acoustic Guitar

“A finely-honed bluesy voice to go along with his finger picking talents.” Rod Williams – LMA Street Team Member

“With a voice that rasps like shoe leather on roadside gravel, and a finger-picked guitar on which notes fly by like railroad ties under a fast moving freight, not to mention a long history of vagabonding behind him, Thad Beckman seems ideally suited to the wandering troubadour's tradition.” John T. Davis - Austin-American Statesman

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